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Ramen Obsession Cookbook

Image is of the book cover for 5 Ingredient Cooking for 2 by Robin Donovan. The title is at the top in text and there is an image of chicken and potatoes on a plate with fresh rosemary and black pepper.

Campfire Cuisine Cookbook

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Welcome to Eggs All Ways! I’m Robin, a cookbook author, recipe developer, and obsessive home cook. On my original blog, All Ways Delicious, I share recipes for the best dishes from around the world. I cook a lot of complicated recipes with hard-to-find ingredients, but one of my absolute favorite ingredients is also one of the most basic: eggs. They’re delicious, nutritious, perfect any time of day, and used in cuisines around the world. They’re also an affordable and easy-to-find staple. You can even grow them in your own backyard. Here on Eggs All Ways, I celebrate the incredible, edible egg with international recipes that star eggs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even desserts!

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